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Hi, I am Janelle. Such a pleasure to meet you! I’m a coach, business strategist, mentor, and mother. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I learned the quick-thinking strategies needed to leverage my skills and walk away from corporate America before the age of 25. Today, I live for a living. Traveling makes me happy. But in addition to traveling the world with my toddler, Winter, I help women master the game of life at every angle. I am a woman who doesn’t want her individualism defined by the fact that she is a mother. Because there is so much more to me! I genuinely believe that an Iced–white chocolate mocha is a creation from God! I am so excited to join you in your journey and hold your hand as you create freedom. The freedom that you didn’t know was possible!

I’m from Queens, New York, and now live in Atlanta, the city that’s too busy to hate. I’m the single mother who is doing big things and smashing the stereotype of struggling single mothers who can’t run their own businesses. At the end of the day, I am the one who has to give my child a happy mother who loves her life, and I genuinely do! I am also your business girlfriend, who gets cozy and intimate with you. I’m open to having meaningful conversations, and I can help you to understand that you are not here to live a mediocre life and that you should have no desire to be average, or a basic bitch. I would believe in you too fiercely to watch you fail miserably.

My relationship detonated, I hit rock bottom, but I had a choice. I could either stay or move on. I chose to move forward. I wouldn’t call it a tragedy, as staying in the relationship would have been a tragedy in itself, and I am happy I made the right decision. More importantly, I invested in myself (Hello Bali Biz retreat!), got some perspective, jammed with a couple of businesses babes, and voilà, Hustling Hotties was born. A girlfriend of mine was the life of the party, loving life, doing her thing, not caring about what anyone thought, and I wanted that for myself also, so I went for it! I genuinely believe in what I am doing and stand by it. I am the right person to help you create the life of your dreams, and I want you to understand this. There is nothing that I cannot handle, I have been broken, knocked down and defeated, and was able to get back up and change my life for the better. Investing in myself is one of the best things that I have ever done. I offer you minimize risk with a guaranteed significant return.

My happy place: Thailand… I love that place so much that I overstayed my visa by 6 weeks.

I have a weakness for bread. I haven’t found a type that I do not like yet.

My most fearless moment: Traveling around the world for 2 years at first by myself and then with a newborn. 

I hate it when: people are late 

I think it’s hot when someone: Is motivated about their passion. 

My mantra: Live like no other, so later you can LIVE like no other. Sometimes we have to make a sacrifice for what we want, but the reward to so worth it.

Pet peeve: Tardiness. I can not stand when someone is late. I respect people’s time, and I know that mine is precious. When people aren’t timely, it feels disrespectful to me. 

My fave insta account: @coffeexhustle

My current #MCM: Drake. I love this man, and I haven’t met him yet. 

And my #WCW: Oprah. This woman can do no wrong for me.

I can’t resist someone who has a positive mindset and is funny.

The sexiest thing that has ever been done for me: I was dating a guy, and he really wanted to see me, so he drove from 2 states away, picked me up, and took me back home with him. 

I think everyone in their 20’s should: Travel and have a summer love affair.  

Something people get wrong about me: That I am stuck up. I am really down to earth and more like the girl next door. 

The last time I was nervous

My best trait: my brain. I am an undercover genius. 

And my worst: I am impatient. I expect things and people to react instantly, and it doesn’t work that way. 

My vice: Amazon. I shop on their daily, and they are always thanking me for being such a great customer. 

By this time next year, I want to: have my own tv show.

Favorite Starbucks drink: White chocolate mocha

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