Mommy Mastermind

Are You Ready to Say “Bon Voyage” to Mundane Motherhood?

Kudos, Mama. You are a badass. 


You are a mother and an executive.

You’ve climbed the ranks without taking any prisoners.

But now that you’ve reached the mountain peak, does it feel like something’s missing?

If so, do you think that becoming a mother’s to blame? 


Yes, you love being a mom. You wouldn’t trade being a mother for anything – and I mean anything in the world – and neither would I! 


However, if you have a bunch of connections and associates, yet lack a sense of camaraderie and adventure due to your busy parenting schedule, it can be tough to deal with.



Being a one-woman show is cool – but it only adds to the aching loneliness you feel.

Balancing family and career is tough enough, but the isolation is what drives us over the edge. Other people cannot relate to our ambition, focus, and drive – all of which are even stronger than ever – and after a while, it feels easier to be alone than in bad company. 


Can you relate? Does it feel like something’s missing from your life? 


Are you underwhelmed, maybe even a little bored and you interested in connecting with the soul tribe that you were always meant to be in?

You Are Here For a Reason.

Welcome Home. We’re a Soul Tribe of Badass Moms Who’ve Been Waiting for You.

Make yourself at home. Our village is our private oasis. Come here to relax, relate, and release stress in our clubhouse after an exhausting day. 

Mommy Mastermind connects you with other like-minded, motivated women, just like you, ready to relate to and learn from you. 

You’ll also receive individualized coaching to help you manage the ins and outs of your work-life balance. 

We see you, Mommy.

 Kick-off your heels, wipe off your makeup and take off your bra.

Join the Mommy Mastermind, and let’s connect!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mastermind?

Masterminds provide group support and accountability to help you set, and more importantly, accomplish your goals. Members challenge each other through a combination of group activities, including thinktanks (brainstorming), educational events, and mentorship. 

How will the mastermind work?

Every enrollment starts with an initial one-on-one call with Janelle to develop core long and short term goals to work on for the next 12 months. 

During your first two sessions, we are going to develop your 12-month goals, quarterly targets, and bi-weekly tasks needed to obtain YOUR success. 

You’ll also join an intimate group with 8 women, plus Janelle, your coach. Each week, you’ll experience support as you execute your goals, and provide support to those who are doing the same. In essence, you have our back and we’ll certainly have yours. 

What does the Mommy Mastermind entail?

  • Two group coaching 1-hour calls per month: 
    • We’ll have a coffee chat (wine if you want) every other week where we can discuss anything on your mind – girlfriend to girlfriend. 
  • Two individual 1-hour calls per month: 
    • Get emotional, mental, and personal support, feel accounted for, and become empowered with customized rock-solid, actionable strategy. 
    • Get bi-weekly support as your massive transformation unfolds. We’ll crush fears as they come up, blast past obstacles together, and make quantum leaps towards creating the life you want.
  • Unlimited Voxer and Facebook Messenger support
  • Private Mommy Mastermind Facebook group
  • BONUS: Mommy Mastermind Retreat. This is the vacation you’ve been waiting for. Details TBA within the member’s area. 

I’m very busy. How much time do I have to give to this?

You’ll need 4 hours per month for the coaching sessions, and at least 3 hours per week to enjoy the coaching calls, do your homework, and interact with your new girlfriends.

Why should I hire a coach? What can you do for me that I can’t do for myself?

You definitely can accomplish and succeed at whatever you want – with or without a coach. But this isn’t about going it alone, or whether you have the ability to. I know you do.

This is about power in numbers. You’ve heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”? 

Creating a village bolsters you to a level beyond what you can do for yourself. We need other people, not only help us raise our children, but also to support ourselves as mothers. 

Having a tribe to bounce ideas off of and to talk to in times of need is invaluable. Men have their own networks when it comes to business and career; now it’s our turn now ladies. 

How is this different from other coaching programs I’ve done before? 

Mommy Mastermind is customized to meet you where you are in your journey. When you complete your assessment, we’ll review it to make sure that you are a match for the group, and then customize your program to meet objectives based on your dreams, goals, and motivation level. The best part of Mommy Mastermind is that it’s completely flexible to your lifestyle and can move as fast or as slow as you want it to. 

What is the refund process?

Mommy Mastermind is a year-long commitment. Due to the nature of resources, assets, intellectual property, and programs, we don’t provide a refund. 

If you decide that Mommy Mastermind is not for you, contact us right away. We require 14 days notice prior to your next payment date to cancel you without financial overlap. 

You are welcome to rejoin at any time.

The Mommy Mastermind is Currently Accepting Applications!
>> Please Apply Here. <<

Once your application is reviewed, Janelle will reach out via to you Voxer. The purpose of her contact is to ensure that you are a good fit for The Mommy Mastermind.


If you have any further questions, please email


Your Investment: Your initial member deposit is  $2,500. You’ll pay your $1,500 mastermind dues monthly. Your monthly payment begins 30 days after your deposit clears. Your first month is included in your deposit.